Who is Subtle Flex?

Subtle flex is a urban jewellery brand established in New Zealand with a mission to bring the sauce to Oceania (don't know what it is, look it up). With a burning passion for streetwear and hip hop culture, we sought out to create high quality jewellery and unique designs to accentuate any outfit. 

Our Values

We aim for high quality in everything we do.  From the materials involved in each piece, to the process from which you make your order to the arrival at your doorstep. But most importantly we value high quality service. When our customers are happy ( which is usually 99% of the time), we're happy. On the rare occasion they're not, we do everything in our power to make sure that they come out satisfied. 

Our Name

Well what is flexing? Is it good, or bad? Usually, the term flexing is given negative connotations. Which is fair. A lot of people show off their cars and jewellery purely to try seem “superior” to others and as much as we don’t like it, they are flexing. But in saying that, flexing isn’t inherently bad. There are those off us who wear jewellery and things that glisten purely because we like it and well because of the culture, its still considered flexing.  So what’s the difference between the two types? The difference is the intention. Those people who try to flex on us are attempting to feel superior to us but fail miserably, whereas we do it purely to look good. We wear it because we like it. We wear it in a subtle manner. Yes it’s a flex, but it’s a subtle flex. Which is okay. So go ahead and cop the jewels, we want you to flex. Just the right way, the subtle way.